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Hi, my name is Madeleine Page! I am a senior studying journalism at Texas State University. My passion for writing stems from my creative mindset and strong urge to exercise self-expression. Alongside writing, I also enjoy web design, social media analytics, and all things multimedia.

Aside from my curriculum, I have an undeniable love for all things beauty. I love creative expression through makeup because it has the ultimate power of transformation. A face of makeup has the ability to create a new persona, whether that be a new-found feeling of confidence or a gorey and frightening masterpiece, it dissolves reality and invites imagination to take over.

A few of my favorite things consist of my pup(Tootie), sushi, all music genres, concerts, brunch, and girls night out. I am goofy, sassy, independent, trustworthy, and diligent. I enjoy the smaller things in life, and have obtained a determined mindset.If you would like to know more or want to get in touch, my contact info is located at the bottom of the page. Thanks for looking into my world!

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